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2011-08-29 21:47:34 by CodyBandicoot21

I won't be on NG for some time, do to I won't have internet. See ya around.

Have you all heard of Rage Quit. Well, I just watched his QWOP video and I was just laughing my ass off. You can't watch this without Laughing you ass off. But, I feel so sorry for the guy. He destroyed his Xbox after playing Catherine.

I have 10 pieces of art on Newgrounds, and I only have One review. Aren't there suppose to be scouters looking for new art. I have several good pieces, sure they aren't the best, but they are still pretty freaking awesome. Its totally queer. And I know you can't ask for scouts, but I followed what I read and everything beside maybe one is rated E for everyone. I have much better luck on deviantART, cause that is automatically approved and put on the main gallery server. Hell, I get comments and favorites in seconds from submitting art on da. Here, you are waiting weeks to months even years to get scouted and only if somebody looks at your profile do they even think of looking at it. Its kinda of a bull crap system. I know there are security protocols to prevent spamming, but you can remove art easier than flash submissions. Trust me, a jpeg loads faster than a flash file or mpeg. And I ain't asking for scouts with this, I'm just saying that you people with that glorious power should use it and scout every piece of art you can, not just sit there and watch flash submissions that have little effort put into it and give it a 10 cause you like the fact its a joke and nobody else gets it.

Signed, CodyBandicoot21.

Old art redone

2011-08-17 00:41:46 by CodyBandicoot21

I am really happy I recolored this piece. It was really buggin' me cause the shading was way off and unrealistic. I redid all of the color cause I had the original line art still, plus I wanted a more Halo look to it.
What ya'll think bout now. And you can see more art on my Newgrounds page, manly Halo, but I plan to add some other art to my gallery too.

Also viewable on DeviantART.

Old art redone

New Art.

2011-08-12 03:26:28 by CodyBandicoot21

I got some new art on NG. You can find the art also on deviantART, just look up CodyBandicoot.

Well, my inspiration has increased in the past week, so I will be able to submit more art to the art page and my deviantART page. If ya'll have any ideas of something I should draw, leave a message or comment on my account or if your a deviantART member, look me up on the site. CodyBandicoot's Home Page.

Note, any rude comments will be counted as spam.

You guys and gals have probably heard about the kid how died after playing too much xbox. I just want you all to understand that the Xbox had nothing to do with his death, it was caused by plain stupidity. The reason he died is because he was sitting in a way that caused a clot. To do that, you would need to sit in a awkward position for over a very long period of time.

So, next time you are playing video games of some sort, get up and walk around, grab some food from the kitchen, take a 10 to 30 minutes break and let your blood flow.

And tell your parents, its not the games fault, its the fact the kid was stupid to not move around a bit.


2011-07-27 02:53:17 by CodyBandicoot21

I was wonder if I should put some of my bandicoot oc art here on NG. I already put my Halo stuff here. If you want to see some of it, go to codybandicoot.deviantART.comMy DA Page


2011-07-13 02:11:35 by CodyBandicoot21

I have to ask, how long does it take to get scouted on Newgrounds, cause I have submitted four pieces of art and I haven't had a peep from anyone or anything. Wish the art portal was more like deviantART.

New Here

2011-06-26 22:07:38 by CodyBandicoot21

Hey, I'm new to the world of Newgrounds, though I'm not unfamiliar with Newgrounds' products.
I'm an artist, so please feel free to look at some of my art.
Also check me out on